The Embassy of Nigeria requires that all individuals applying for a Nigeria visa in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland provide biometric data, specifically fingerprints, as part of the visa application process.

We are experienced in obtaining Nigerian Tourist/Business visas along with TWP’s and STR’s. We can assist you through the application form and process. We are able to explain the complicated charging system. You must pay the visa fee online when you complete the application using a credit/debit card in the same name as the application. Talk to us first before making payment and we will check things through for you. You cannot make any changes once the application has been paid for and they do not make refunds.
There are also High Commission admin charges levied as well as the Visa Application Centre’s handling charges. We will lodge and collect you application.

  • 8 day service £95 per person
  • Express 4 day service £155 per person
  • Nigerian tourist visa fees must be paid for by you direct when the application is completed
  • Visa application centre also charges an administration fee as does the Nigerian High Commission
  • Contact us and we will send you an up to date list of documents required.


  • 8 day service £125 per person
  • 4 day service £185 per person
  • Nigeria business / temporary work permit / STR visa fees are additional, along with sub agency admin service fees.

For full details of our service and required documents please call us on 02392 818712 or submit your enquiry below.

We are not the Nigerian embassy, we are an independent visa agency.Visa information can be found free of charge at