Indonesia Visa Service

We will assist you with form completion and ensure that your documentation is correct. Our experienced couriers will take the application to the visa application centre in London.

We do the queuing on your behalf.

Once granted, the passport and visa will be collected by us and made available to collect at your convenience.

 Visa on arrival granted for trips up to 30 days.

  • 8 day tourist visa service for stays between 31 and 60 days
  • Single entry tourist visa service from £125
  • Bank statement, less than 1 month old, showing a balance of not less than £1000
  • Proof of employment provided in form of letter from employer.

All fees include visa cost and our courier fee.

For full details of our service and required documents please call us on 02392 818712 or submit your enquiry below.

We are not the Indonesian embassy, we are an independent visa agency. Visa information can be found free of charge at